The 3rd Wheel....
Makes over-sand remote trailer launching a snap!  Going in never seems to be the issue, Its retrieving that burys your 4x4 into the
soft sand.  NO MORE!
Simply disconnect your empty trailer at waters edge, attach the 3rd Wheel, and push it in the water.  Drive your boat onto the
trailer, hook up a tow strap, position your vehicle on flat solid ground, and simply yank it out!  Re-attach to your vehicle, remove
the 3rd wheel and head for a cold one.                     

3rd Wheel Kit Includes.....   
1- Heavy duty aluminum strut
1- Galvanized hub with sealed bearings
1- 18"X 9" Turf Tire mounted on...
1- Polished aluminum wheel
1- 2x2x6 axle tube
2- 6" Galvanized U Bolts   2- 1x6X.25 Galvanized mounting plates              
    3rd Wheel Kit $269.00
2- 18” X 8.5”  Turf Tires
2- Heavy duty aluminum struts
2- Galvanized hubs w/sealed bearings
2- Large interior bent mounting plates
2- Small interior bent mounting plates
2- Large exterior mounting plates
1- Custom formulated epoxy kit (MetWeld)
1- 2x2x60" aluminum axle tube
1- Pack stainless installation hardware
Complete Kit $669.00
The Upgrade kit.... Transforms your older
"Baja Boat Wheel" composite wheel kit to the newer more
efficient system utilizing long lasting galvanized hubs with
sealed bearings and waterproof aluminum wheels for a
trouble free work load.
Kit Includes:
2- Polished aluminum wheels
2- Galvanized hubs w/sealed bearings
2- Custom aluminum axle spindles
Upgrade Kit $269.00
Remote Beach Launching
Baja Boat Wheels
Finally!!  The  ultimate over sand launching solution
A true 1 person small boat launching system! Side mounted for
perfect balance.  Launch over rocks, sand, gravel. Complete kit, easy
to install, all aluminum or Galvanized parts...nothing to rust!  Now
with sealed bearings, galvanized hubs, and polished aluminum wheels!
How They Work.....
“Round peg in square hole?!”
With the NEW milled round solid bar it makes
inserting the wheels a snap while bouncing
around in the water.
With the tire floating nicely next to the boat,
SIMPLY push the round bar into square hole
while at the same time pushing down on the
tire.  When the square end lines up with the
square tube the pressure from the buoyant
tire pops it in automatically!
Now your ready to hit the beach.
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Combine "The Tow Arm" with
a Baja Boat Wheel Kit and turn your boat
into a trailer!  Load your gear, hook to your
ATV, or 4x4, launch and go.

"The Tow Arm" Includes:
1 -Heavy duty Aluminum hitch arm
1- Cast Aluminum bow connection plate

Keep your rear end out of the water.  As you know,
your differential has a breather hole and if water
gets in... it's all over!  Hook this Heavy Duty 80"
aluminum extension bar into your receiver and to
your trailer and then launch.  Keep your rig dry!

"The Stinger" Includes:
1- Heavy Duty 80" aluminum bar
1- Hitch ball
1- 5/8" Hitch pin

"Stinger Kit" .... $129.00