Dear Larry,

The equipment was awesome.  Don't forget to send me the info on those rods & reels

You obviously take pride in what you are trying to accomplish and it shows in every
aspect of the operation.  Get ready, I'll be sending more Canadians your way.  
Thanks again,  see ya in October for the Blues!
Capt. Paul Powis, Ontario, Canada
Capt. Powis with a nice 33lb
Yellowtail.  A first for him.
A family affair..         
5 year old Olivia with
her papa shows off 1
of 3 nice Dorado she
2 speed Shimano

Far right......         
Mom shows off a nice
Yellowtail and a
Dorado.  She also
released a BIG
Marlin.  The crew
was very impressed
with this fish
catching family!!
She brought it to boat and it took off again.  She didn't give up, she had
that smirk on her face that we all get when we are fighting the good
fight, and she was so proud of herself when we pulled it on board.  For
enough. Not to mention all the nice fish I got to catch and the top of the
line gear I got to use, but I truly enjoyed the comfortable
accommodations and family friendly environment on your boat. Now
that we are back home in the mountains, Olivia thinks Trout fishing on
the lake is a waste of time, and she is asking when we get to go back
on the En Caliente. Next year, I said, Next year!

P.S. Gabino and Manuel are awesome! Thanks for everything guys! "
-Erin, California