About Us
En Caliente
    “Not your typical charter!!”... (An understatement)

    I started fishing the East Cape region of Los Cabos in 1978 (Los Barriles).   My kids were 2 & 4
    at the time so we were able to spend months camping in our motor home and fishing out of
    our 24’ Skipjack at the famous Martin Verdugos Beach Resort.  I was clueless as to the
    amount of big game species that surrounded Bahia de las Palmas.  I was hooked, literally!!

    During our spring return trip of ‘92, we were hit by a bus trying to pass us in a no passing
    zone.  Our car rolled over several times with the roof caving in shattering my neck just above
    my shoulders resulting in paralysis.  Since then I have been in a wheelchair never giving up
    my passion for big game fishing.  It took me six years to design and develop the adaptive
    equipment necessary to even the playing field.  I now can handle almost any size fish that
    bites my hook.

    My dream now is to offer the excitement of big game fishing everyone, to persons of all

    Surprisingly, finding the right boat proved to be quite a challenge.  We checked out Cabo
    Yachts, Bertrams, and Blackfins all had their engines proud of the decks which made the
    companion-way into the salon to narrow for a wheelchair to negotiate. We found just one boat
    out of the 100's of sport fishing boat manufactures that could be made accessible.  The 35’
    version of the famous Golden Egg Harbor, an outer banks classic, a tough, fast, and proven
    performer.  As luck would have it, none were being offered for sale on the west coast!  After 5
    trips back east, and 18 months looking for the perfect “pocket yacht”.  We found the future
    “En Caliente” in Freeport, NY.  The boat had never been fished, and was basically used as a
    floating condo resulting in a boat in its original showroom condition with new engines and
    Now what?  How do you get the boat from New York to the West Coast?  Well you drive it
    1,276 miles down the inter coastal waterway from Freeport, NY to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. then you
    load it onto a freighter that would take the boat to Ensenada through the Panama Canal.
    After assembling my crew, 2 guys from Michigan, 1 from Canada, and 2 Californians, off we
    went.  We had all seen parts of the Atlantic Seaboard but nothing like what we were about to
    experience, up close and personal @ 27mph. We departed Freeport, NY 5/23/07 and arrived in
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 6/19/07 it was truly awesome!
    “En Caliente” loaded up 6/26/07 and arrived safely in Ensenada, Mexico 7/12/07.
    Tournament Ready:  Want a fast boat and the best crew to fish the big money
    tournaments?  Not only is she fast but she has all the goodies, POMPANETTE tournament
    riggers and fighting chairs, custom bait system with tuna tubes and all SHIMANO gear. The 100
    sq. Ft fighting deck gives you plenty of room for 6 fisherman, and when you catch those good
    eaters, we have commercial vak-packing equipment and a huge deck freezer to keep your
    catch fresh!
    Between my veteran captain and myself we have over 70 years of local fishing experience in
    the East Cape, our goal is your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to get your target
    species.   Our crew is the most aggressive, knowledgeable, and talented fisherman I have
    ever had the pleasure to fish with in my 33 years of fishing the East Cape!   They speak good
    English and have extensive experience working with people with disabilities..

    Fast?  Not only does she look good but her new twin 440hp Yanmar diesels push her at a
    nice 27mph clip (cruise) and tops at 34mph..  So when you hear on the radio about a good  
    tuna bite 30 miles away......  Well, no problema ... gitty-up!
    Inside she has 2 staterooms that sleep 4, air conditioning in all rooms, head with separate
    stand up shower, a nice galley, and a LCD flat screen TV with over 100 DVD’S!  “En Caliente” is
    such a comfortable boat, we are offering special custom multi-day, "safari style", trips you can
    design or let us help.

    SHIMANO Butterfly System:  Ooooo Yeah!   We are the only Los Cabos Charter that
    specializes in this new very productive technique.  How fun it is to get hammered by giant
    Grouper, Yellowtail, Wahoo, Amberjack, Dorado, and even Tuna!  We have everything you
    need and the experience to get you hooked (literally) on this new system.  Why not try before
    you buy?? Email us for a free Shimano Butterfly System DVD.  
    Also, check out this video from our panga “The Black Cloud”  BUTTERFLY

    FYI ...  “En Caliente”  is a phrase used by local skippers while in the heat of the battle, a
    common occurrence aboard the "En Caliente".